Join Us at the Annual SMS Gala!

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SMS Annual Gala 2021

“Lights! Camera! Auction!”

Saturday, April 24, 2021

5:30 pm

via Zoom

Tickets on sale now!

Volunteer Here:

Trivia Night

This year’s entertainment is a bilingual trivia competition. There will be four rounds of questions and the winner will receive a monetary prize - the amount on the gift card will keep going up as more people register!

Every question will be shared in English and Spanish, and answers can be submitted in either language.

You can form a team with friends, play individually, or be assigned to a random team.

Questions will be drawn from many topics - history, pop culture, science, and more.

Live Auction

Perennial favorites will return – will the Gym or Library bear your name next year? Maybe you’ll be crowned best parent of the year when you win Principal for a Day – the only way to find out is to buy your gala ticket and come try your best!

Meal Packages & Concessions

Basic admission includes entry into the Trivia Competition and access to the Zoom call.

Customize your admission level with one (or more!) of the following options:

  • Fresh, refrigerated meals provided by Freshly, served with a roll & side salad
  • Wine from Olney Winery ([Early Morning Moon Pinot Grigio, X Brothers Pinot Noir, Olney Winery Blackberry Merlot, Olney Winery Peach Chardonnay) or a bottle of Perrier
  • Gourmet cookies from the famous Ecinue Creations
  • SMS Gala Swag - this year’s options include stemless wine glasses or memo pad & pen sets -- perfect for keeping track of your trivia answers!

Some package options include home delivery, others you can pick up in person at school on the 24th. Delivery can be added à la carte to most options.

50/50 Drawing

Will you be the big winner this year? The past few years, winners have gone home with more than $1,000! As in the past, the class that sells the most wins a pizza party. You can buy (and sell to relatives & friends!) now, and can purchase more tries via paypal during the virtual gala.

The more tickets sold, the bigger the pot and the greater benefit to the school! Tickets are 1 for $5 or 5 for $20. Before the gala, buy them online, send cash or check to the school office, and keep an eye out for afternoon carpool & materials exchange sales!

The 2021 Gala & Auction will be all virtual - join us on Zoom to support the school!


Stay safely distanced in your own home, and enjoy a trivia competition, our live auction, the 50/50 drawing, dinner & concessions packages and more. Get ready, “Lights, Camera, Auction!” is coming to a Zoom screen near you!

Cast Yourself in a Starring Role in the 2021 Virtual Fundraiser!

Choose your ticket level to match your starring role – every level grants access to the party and enters you in the trivia competition. Step up the levels for more VIP perks, including home delivery & SMS swag, and more fun!

Ticket Levels

Buy 50/50 Raffle Tickets!

1 ticket for $5 or 5 tickets for $20 – buy via PayPal or send cash or check to the school office.

(Please enter your name and contact number before you click "Buy Now")

One (1) 50/50 Raffle Ticket 

Five (5) 50/50 Raffle Ticket 


Order gourmet event cookies, while supplies last. Each cookie is $5.

Buy Dessert Cookie

Order SMS Gear!

Stemless wine glass with SMS logo - $10

Buy Wine Glass

SMS logo note pad & pen set - $3

Buy Note Pad & Pen

Volunteer Opportunities – We Need Your Help!

Still need volunteer hours? The Gala provides many opportunities to help!

Until April 20, the committee meets every Tuesday at 7pm on Zoom – all are welcome! Access link is found in the weekly school newsletter.

Volunteers are needed for

  • Event coordination leading up to April 24

  • Meal & swag bag prep

  • Meal & swag bag delivery

  • English-Spanish translation

  • And more!

Signup using our signup genius link. Virtual & in-person volunteer opportunities are available.

Public Safety

As crime has risen over the last few months we must work together to stop violence on the streets. Our focus should be on working with one another in the community to stop crime before it happens, investing in programs that help young people find jobs and opportunities for growth. We must also work to foster better relationships between police officers and the communities that they protect and serve so that our communities are aligned in the goal of a safer and more prosperous city.

Support and Empower Small Businesses

Businesses across the city have been forced to close whether they are restaurants with limited occupancy or retail stores affected by more people making online purchases. We must help our small businesses stay open and continue to operate with small business loans that offer future forgiveness options and new policies like commercial rent control that will keep businesses in their current locations for years to come. Small businesses employ hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and are the lifeblood of our city, if we do not work to keep them open the results will be devastating to our city.


Students of all ages have felt the impact of remote learning and lack of extracurricular activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to find safe ways to get students back into the classroom and invest in technology so that every child can access remote learning should the need to transition come again. Alongside the investment in technology, our city must reinvest in our school buildings, with crucial upgrades to facilities that will foster better learning environments for current and future generations. As we begin the recovery process it is also essential that mental health personnel are made available at schools for those who are struggling.

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