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School Lenten Activities

Updated: Feb 22

School Lenten Activities

The Pre-K class will make a Lenten Paper Chain with their daily Lenten offerings, and will make a Jesus Tree.

The Kindergarten class will be charting their good deeds, giving prayers to God, being kind, and doing a Lenten sacrifice.

The 1st grade class discussed what "Little Gifts & Sacrifices" each student will make during Lent. Some students give away some toys, some give up iPad and/or electronic devices, some say more prayers, some do chores or do them without complaining, and some are more helpful to their parents.

The 2nd grade students will be discussing different sacrifices that they can each make during the Lenten season. They will also be learning about the Stations of the Cross, the Last Supper, and Passover.

Each 3rd grader will be given a Lenten "Walk Through Lent" map. Each day they make a sacrifice or say an extra prayer, they may color in their map. We will also pray the Stations of the Cross as a class and encouraging families to pray the stations together.

4th and 5th grade students are writing in a Stations of the Cross journal throughout Lent. In the journal they will reflect on prompts that ask them to imagine they are walking with Jesus.

The 6th and 7th grade students will be creating Word Art based on Lent to be displayed in school. The themes for their Word Art are prayer and service.

The 8th grade students will be practicing for the Living Stations of the Cross and creating a reenactment of the Lord’s Passion that they will present to the school and parents.