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Vision and Mission


St. Martin of Tours Catholic School aspires to be the premier school of choice and a leader in the community by promoting student-centered learning and the development of Catholic values for every child.



St. Martin of Tours Catholic School fosters each student’s academic, physical, social-emotional, and spiritual development. We cultivate academic excellence and the joy of learning through collaboration with our school families and the parish to develop graduates who recognize Christ in themselves and others.



As the oldest Catholic school in Montgomery County, we continue to strengthen our century- long commitment to Catholic education.

  • We believe each student is a child of God with unique talents.

  • We believe that families are the primary educators of their children.

  • We believe in educating students to their fullest potential by creating partnerships among the staff, our students, our families, the parish, and the community.

  • We believe a secure, nurturing environment promotes learning and maximizes success.

  • We believe in the integration of faith, values, and tradition with life and learning.

  • We believe diversity brings strength to our school and enriches our teaching and learning experiences.

  • We believe in the continued development and lifelong learning of our staff to prepare for all future challenges.

  • We believe learning should enable each child to develop the skills for a strong academic foundation and social responsibility in our community.


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