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Apply to Pre-Kindergarten-8

Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Admissions


Thank you for considering St. Martin's School. We strive to develop our students' unique gifts through a well-rounded education embedded in Gospel values.


We begin accepting applications for grades Pre-Kindergarten through eighth at our Fall Open House.  Registration of admitted students is to be completed by the end of February by paying the non-refundable registration fee and submitting any outstanding paperwork. If a particular grade has openings after this date, we will consider applications and provide testing on an individual basis.


For Pre-Kindergarten: Children must be four years old by September 1 of the school year and completely toilet-trained.

For Kindergarten: Children must be five years old by September 1 of the school year.


To apply for admission to St. Martin's for grades Pre-K through 8:
1. Please fill out the TADS online application: TADS Application for St. Martin's
  Pay the $50 application fee as part of the process.


2. Schedule a Class Visit. During the Class Visit, a diagnostic test will be done for Kindergarten
through 8th grade. Pre-Kindergarten students will be screened for academic, social, and emotional readiness.


3.  Submit to the school a copy of the child’s:

  • Birth Certificate

  • If Catholic: Baptism Certificate, First Communion Certificate (for grades 3 – 8), and Pastoral Recommendation Form from your family’s Catholic parish: English, Spanish

  • Most recent report card for grades (for grades K – 8)

  • Most recent standardized testing results for (for grades K – 8)

  • Request for information from the current teacher: Request Information for Pre-K to 1st grade or Request Information for Grades 2-8

  • International students should contact the school office for the necessary documents.

4. Once documentation is received and reviewed, parents will be notified of their child’s admission decision.

5. For accepted students, an email will be sent with a link to the online system to register their child — please do
so within two weeks of acceptance. The $500 registration fee is non-refundable but is deducted from the cost
of tuition.​


6. Medical forms and any outstanding paperwork must be completed and returned to the school by July 1.

7. Request for financial assistance requires a separate application. See Tuition Assistance and Financial Aid under Admissions drop-down menu for further details.

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