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School Advisory Board

The St. Martin’s School Advisory Board (SAB) advises the pastor and principal regarding policies that govern school programs, in accordance with the Archdiocese of Washington (ADW) Board of Education. SAB’s responsibilities include facilitating the enrichment of educational activities, working with the administrative team to draft the school budget, and creating both long and short-term school related planning strategies. The guidelines that oversee the Advisory Board’s overall operations are contained in ADW’s School Board Policy Handbook and can be found in the school office.

Board Members are appointed by the Pastor and may serve two (2) three-year terms. SAB Membership also consists of the pastor and principal (ex-officio, non-voting members); Home & School Association President (ex-officio, voting member); one (1) faculty representative; and the secretary (non-voting member). Additionally, one member of the board is appointed as an ex-officio member of the Parish Council.

SAB meets monthly and members of the school and parish community are welcome to address the board during a meeting and should submit items for the agenda to two (2) weeks prior to the meeting. 

*Contact the School Advisory Board at
A Letter to Parents from the School Advisory Board: English Version Spanish Version


School Advisory Board Members 2022-2023:

Nekiera Woodland, Chairperson
Karl Bejo, Vice Chairperson
Vivian Abudayeh
Marc Antonetti
Catherine Cooksey
Susan Feudale, Faculty Representative
Bryon Leroux
Mark Little
Emily Molloy
Jeff Melia

Eunice Patron-Galeana
Ex officio and non-term members this year:
Rev. David Wells, Pastor
Stephen Lamont, Principal
Sue Yeates, Home and School Association President
Anne Gemunder, Development/Marketing Director

School Board bylaws

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