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PreK Curriculum

Our PreK-4 class is a full day program emphasizing the growth of the whole child. We enrich students' lives by giving them hands on experiences, encouraging social-emotional skills, and bringing the awareness of Christ into their rapidly expanding world. The program takes an integrated approach to the development of social and emotional skills, language and early literacy skills, fine and gross motor skills, math, science, social studies, technology and the fine arts.

In Language Arts, we focus on identifying letters and letter sounds. Math focuses on number identification, counting, making a set to match a number, and patterns. Neighborhoods, towns, and world communities, and appreciating cultural differences are emphasized in Social Studies. Science focuses on hands - on projects to help understand different aspects of earth and life sciences. In Religion, we emphasize the basic tenets of Catholic faith: the church as a community, the meaning of Baptism, learning prayers, and understanding that God is the creator and resides alive in the world through us.

Throughout our school day the children are encouraged to explore, observe, ask questions and interact. 

A typical daily schedule:

8:05 Prayers and Morning Meeting
8:25 Language Arts
9:15 Snack
9:40 Math
10:10 Religion
10:40 Recess
11:25 Lunch
12: 00 Social Studies or Science
12:30 Story Time
1:00 Nap Time
2:15 Clean up, Pack Up, Review the Day

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