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Resource Room

Resource Program


Students learn in different ways and at different paces. There are times when diverse learning needs are difficult to meet completely in the classroom setting. Resource provides a smaller setting and affords the opportunity of one to one or small group interaction with a learning specialist.

Kindergarten – Fourth Grade:

Our Resource teacher works with students to assist classroom teachers in assessing needs and strengths. Our Resource teacher works with students to help develop basic skills for better success in the classroom.

 - Decoding skills
 - Sight word knowledge
 - Reading fluency   
 - Comprehension skills
 - Study skills    
 - Writing skills used in relation to reading

 - Basic math operations and math facts

Fifth through Eighth Grade:
Emphasis shifts to working with students on “how to learn.”
Classes on reading and study skills in the content area teach students strategies differentiated for their needs.

- How to gain knowledge from a textbook
- How to take notes   
- How to study
- How to analyze errors on tests and quizzes
- Solving math word problems

- Support working on grade level math


Contact Resource Teacher Rosemary Dove at



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