Hot Lunch

St. Martin’s provides healthy, affordable, and appetizing lunches daily. Professional food caterers prepare hot lunches. Parent volunteers assist with serving meals and monitoring the cafeteria. Chicken Caesar salad, spaghetti and meatballs, and beef tacos are always a hit, as is the convenience for parents! Click on the link for the lunch order form. Questions about the hot lunch program may be directed to our school office.

Inclement Weather Policy

St. Martin’s School follows Montgomery County Public Schools for inclement weather. If Montgomery County has a two-hour DELAY -- St. Martin’s School will open at 9:55 am. (Early Bird begins 30 minutes before school starts) Local radio and TV stations will carry school closing or delayed opening announcements. Please do not call the school or parish office for information. For inclement weather on a Montgomery County Public Schools scheduled day off, we will follow the Archdiocese of Washington Schools.

  • If there is a two-hour delay on a scheduled Half Day, school will begin at 9:55 a.m. and dismiss at 2:45 p.m.
  • After Care Program will not be held when the school has been closed due to inclement weather.
  • After Care Program will be canceled when MCPS cancels after school activities due to inclement weather.

Click here to sign up for Montgomery Country Emergency Information

Safety and Security

Safety Procedures
Our first obligation to the children is to provide for their safety while they are in our care. An emergency plan has been developed by a committee of teachers, working within guidelines provided by the Archdiocese of Washington. Faculty will continue to meet and upgrade emergency plan. Our school building is secure at all times, visitors sign in at the main office, and employees and volunteers undergo a background check. Additionally, the school is monitored by a twenty-four hour video security system.

Fire Drills
Regular fire drills are practiced so students know the procedure for evacuation of the building.

Crisis Evacuation
If a crisis evacuation is needed, we will move to the church. Plans have been put in place to remove students to an offsite location if necessary. Emergency kits have been assembled for evacuation. Escape routes are posted in all rooms. In the event of an emergency, parents will be contacted by messages sent by e-mail or contacted by phone. This website will also be updated if needed to keep parents informed during an emergency.


All doors are locked during school hours. Parents and visitors to the building during school hours must ring the bell for admittance, sign in at the front desk and wear a badge for identification. An approved adult who signs a student out for early dismissal must meet the child at the main office.

Field Trips
Teachers who take students off campus for field trips or visits close by; will maintain contact with the school office via cell phone or walkie-talkies.

Lock Downs
Procedures have been established for a lock-down of the school. In such a case, no students may leave the classroom until a parent or an approved adult comes for them. Teachers will take names of parents and walk students to waiting cars for emergency dismissals.

School Uniforms Policy

Our uniform identifies our students as members of St. Martin’s Catholic School. A school uniform offers many advantages such as fostering school spirit and eliminating unwanted distractions, allowing students to focus on their studies. Additionally, a uniform policy saves families time and money. All students must be in complete school uniform at all times, with the exception of approved Tag Days. A uniform chart is included below. On days when students have Physical Education class, students will wear the P.E. uniform for the entire school day. The only exception to this rule is when we have an All-School Mass on a P.E. day, and then students will wear the Mass uniform to school and bring sneakers to wear for P.E. Our Pre-Kindergarten students will wear the P.E. uniform to school every day, except for All-School Mass days, and then they will wear the Mass uniform to school.

Uniforms can be purchased from Flynn O'Hara (Rockville store or online). If uniform items are purchased elsewhere, they need to match the color, style, and material from the uniform store. Our uniform supplier online link is Flynn O’Hara School Uniforms.
Please see store information below: ROCKVILLE STORE
Loehmann's Plaza
5210 Randolph Road
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 838-8958

Child Protection Program (VIRTUS)

The Archdiocese requires that all Archdiocesan personnel and volunteers who have substantial contact with youth must comply with the Child Protection Policy. The Policy specifically applies to church and school personnel, employees of religious education programs, personnel providing childcare services, and all youth ministers and directors/coaches of children’s activities (such as coaches and scout leaders). The SMS policy is that all volunteers who are likely to have contact with children that is not incidental must complete the VIRTUS training and fingerprinting/criminal background check. See Child Protection Policy Compliance Checklist for details.

Tag Days (Out of Uniform Policy)

Occasionally on designated days (Tag Days), students are allowed to attend school while out of uniform. However, a tag day does not negate the basic philosophy that attire must be clean, neat, modest, and without rips or tears. Clothing must not have offensive pictures or statements. Blouses/shirts must have sleeves or straps that are a minimum width of three-finger lengths (approximately 2 inches) and completely cover undergarments. If leggings are worn, the student’s shirt or skirt must be no shorter than 3” above the knee. Items that are never appropriate include: flip-flops, short skirts or shorts, pajamas, halter or crop tops (no exposed torsos—shirts must cover waist band of pants or skirts), trousers hanging off the hips, hats worn inside the building, etc. Parents will be called if students are not appropriately dressed. Students are allowed to wear Tag Day clothing on their birthday, unless it is a School Mass day. In that event, the child can wear Tag Day clothing on another day that week.

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