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The Music Program engages students in music appreciation by creating an exciting learning environment with a goal of understanding various types of music and musical cultural differences. We accomplish this goal through performing, creating, and responding to music per the Archdiocese of Washington Standards. The students learn how to sing in multiple languages, including the use of American Sign Language, as well as gain a broad understanding of music, musicians, and instruments from around the world. Students learn dances to accompany songs for the Spring Show and throughout the year when studying various cultures. The Music Program is interdisciplinary, referencing other academics and utilizing projects that collaborate and engage on a multi-disciplined platform. Technology is incorporated using Safe YouTube videos and music software on ipads and Chromebooks.

  • Grades Pre-K-5: In the elementary school, the emphasis is on performing. Fourth grade learns to play the recorder, and other grades learn to use various instruments to accompany an array of songs. There are many opportunities for performances throughout the year, including our Christmas and Spring Music Program along with Grandparent’s Day. As the students’ progress, they acquire the skills to read and write music.

  • Grades 6-8: Once our students reach middle school, they build on their previous skills. Students in grades 6th-8th listen to and analyze music and musical performances. They begin to understand the relationship between music and art, history, and culture. Opportunities to perform throughout the year include the Christmas and Spring Music Programs, along with Grandparent’s Day.

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