Tuition Information


Pre-Kindergarten Program
Tuition Rate: $9,100 per student
Registration Fee*: $500 per student
Academic Resource Fee: $255 per student

Kindergarten - Grade 8 Program
Parish Subsidized Tuition Rate: $7,675 per student

Standard Tuition Rate: $8,950 per student

Registration Fee*: Returning Families: $300 for one student per family, no more than $500 total per family
New Students: $500 per student

Academic Resource Fee: $495 per student

*Registration Fee

This is a non-refundable fee, which is applied towards tuition.

  • Returning Families: This fee is due at the time of registration, which opens in February. Current students will have their spot for the 2021-2022 school year held until March 19. If a registration is not received by March 19, current students will no longer be guaranteed a seat.
  • New Families: The fee is due two weeks after acceptance to hold the student’s spot. If the registration fee is not received, you run the risk of forfeiting the student’s spot.

Academic Resource Fee

This is a resource fee that provides funds to partially defray the costs of textbooks,
technology, classroom supplies, special class events, Home & School Association dues, and other operational needs.

  • This fee is per student and due July 23, for the upcoming school year: $495 (K–8) and $255 (Pre-K).

Tuition Payment Plans

Tuition payments may be made annually (July 15) or semi-annually (July 15 and January 15). Tuition payments can also be made by automatic debit through TADS for 10 months. Payments for the school year will begin in July.

Family Obligation

This is the legal obligation for a family to pay tuition.

  • Withdrawal from school: The school must be notified by May 28, 2021, if a child is not returning for the 2021-2022 school year. If the school is not notified, the 1st quarter (25%) tuition for the 2021-2022 school year will be billed and considered due.
  • Withdrawal from school after August 13, 2021: If a student is enrolled for the 2021-2022 school year, but withdraws after August 13, 2021, that student’s tuition is due in full.
  • Extenuating Circumstances Policy: If a family experiences an extenuating circumstance beyond the family’s control, such as deployment, job loss, etc., that would require them to withdraw their child(ren) from the school, they may be eligible for relief from their financial commitment. The family will write a letter to the Pastor and the Principal, which will then be reviewed for approval.

(Consult your payment agreement on TADS as well as the School Handbook for further information concerning payments and late fees.)

Tuition Assistance

This is a need based program which families must apply for each year through TADS and demonstrate that they qualify to receive tuition assistance from the Archdiocese of Washington (ADW) or St. Martin’s Parish. See Tuition Assistance and Financial Aid under Admissions drop-down menu for further details.

  • Fees such as registration, books, hot lunch, lunch drinks or Aftercare are not covered by financial aid.
  • Families usually hear about their request for assistance from the ADW by the end of April and from St. Martin’s in early May.

Family Service Requirement

These are volunteer service hours that all St. Martin’s families are required to contribute to the school.* This contribution not only enhances the special character of St. Martin’s but also helps to reduce the cost of tuition.

  • Two-Parent Family Requirement (even if both parents don’t reside in the same household): 60 Hours

  • One-Parent Family Requirement (only if second parent lives outside area or is deceased): 30 Hours

  • Pre-K Only Family Requirement (no children in grades K-8): 30 Hours

  • If there are outstanding service hours at the end of the school year, you will be billed for the outstanding service hours at $15/hour.

Tuition Subsidy Policy:

The Supporting Parishioner Tuition Subsidy is available to Catholic families registered at a parish in the Archdiocese of Washington. To qualify, a family must submit the Pastoral Recommendation Form completed by the family’s pastor, documenting that the family is registered in the parish in the Archdiocese of Washington, actively supports the parish through offertory, attends Mass regularly on Sundays and Holy Days, and participates in the life of the community of faith. If a family’s registration at another Catholic parish cannot be confirmed, the family will be charged the Standard Tuition Rate. Click for English Form, Spanish Form