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Happy Grandparents' Day

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Message from Mr. Lamont
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Today is one of my favorite days on our school calendar, Grandparents’ Day! On this special day, we acknowledge and appreciate our Crusader grandparents and special persons in the lives of our students. They have such a positive impact, and play an active role in our students’ spiritual, personal, and educational experiences and growth. Whether it is: taking the child to church; volunteering at and attending school events; assisting with drop-off and pick-up; helping with homework; or, spending quality one on one time doing something special- the support from our St. Martin School grandparents and special persons is unconditional and ever-present. 

A huge thank you to the 4th grade families, Mrs. Meadows, Mr. Logan, Mrs. Patti, and all the school volunteers who helped honor our Grandparents' Day events this year during this pandemic. We are privileged to dedicate this beautiful tribute page to our grandparents and special persons, which includes a blessing from Fr. Dave and loving messages from our students. Additionally, we are so excited about the “Family Drive-in Movie Night” on Saturday, May 8th. Any opportunity to get together as a community is special, and doing so in recognition of these amazing grandparents and special persons makes it all the more memorable. 

Thank you to all of you who provide your guidance, wisdom, and unwavering love to our students, and to us all. We are truly grateful! 

Stephen Lamont


Blessing from Fr. Dave
Bendición del P. Dave
by Stacy Smith
Recited by 4th Grade
Photo Slides for Grandparents
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