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Catholic Business Network Volunteers and Business Partner of the Year

We would like to recognize and thank our school’s Catholic Business Network

Montgomery County, Volunteers of the Year, Walter and Valeria Peralta and our Business Partner of the Year, Mark Little and Truck’n America. Walter, Valeria, Mark, and Truck’n America will be honored at the CBN-MC Annual Gala at the Bethesda North Marriott Conference Center in November. We thank them both for their outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in service to St. Martin’s Catholic School.

Through their extraordinary volunteer efforts, parents Walter and Valeria Peralta have raised over $1 million for St. Martin’s in the past ten years. These funds have contributed to our ability in keeping tuition affordable year after year. Walter and Valeria accomplished this fundraising feat by being the tireless guiding force of our weekly Bingo game held in the church basement. They manage every aspect of this year-round event. They greet players and recruit and instruct callers, cashiers, kitchen helpers, and “rip” sellers. Over the years, they have increased the number of weekly players thanks to improvements made in the player experience, such as adding more opportunities to win. They have organized parent and parishioner volunteers into teams, which improves efficiency and adds to the comradery. In addition, they have graciously supported many other school events in the ten years their son Joseph has attended St. Martin’s. Their selfless devotion is the reason we would like to honor them as our Volunteers of the Year.

Mark Little, owner of Truck’n America and parent to Ella in second grade, exemplifies the quiet but generous heart God calls for. Truck’n America consistently sponsors our annual auction and other school events. Mark has a leadership role on our School Board and focuses on what is best for all students and teachers. He heads up our facilities committee, placing an emphasis on building safety and modernization. Mark helps organize our parish picnic, while strengthening bonds between our church and school. From sponsoring staff lunches to donating a popcorn machine to our AfterCare Program, he treats our SMS family well. Name the event, from Back to School Barbeque, to Dunk Tank Day, to Field Day, Mark is there from set up to clean up. His positive energy, knowledge, and expertise, help guide our school and continue our mission. We are grateful and thank Mark Little and Truck’n America for being our Business Partner of the Year.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our honorees and to all our St. Martin’s supporters and friends who so generously donate their time, talent, and treasure every day. You are the lifeblood of our wonderful school community.

Mark Little & Ella

Walter & Valeria Peralta


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