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Joining a bingo team is easy and fun - and helps to support our school's biggest fundraiser!  The success of our Bingo fundraising directly impacts our tuition rates. You can help by volunteering! Joining a bingo team (at the beginning of the year) will fulfill your service hour requirements and does not require VIRTUS training.

Volunteering for bingo will require a commitment of one Friday evening, about every 6 weeks. Your shift would start at 5:45 and is generally finished around 10:30 at the latest. There are lots of ways to help, as a ticket seller, cashier, kitchen worker, or caller. Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting our biggest fundraiser! If you want to help, or would like more information, please contact If you want to check out an evening of bingo and see what it is all about, stop by any Friday!


Bingo Job Descriptions:


Caller - This person actually runs the bingo machine and "calls" the numbers to the players.

Cashier - The cashier will run the cash register and collect the money from the incoming players.  This person also organizes the cash prizes and completes the deposit as well as filling out some paperwork.  Having cash handling experience is helpful in this role.

Front Table - This role sets up, hands out the bingo cards that are purchased, and supports the cashier throughout the night by counting and verifying deposits.  You may also sell rip tickets - it is a bit of a float role.

Kitchen - People who volunteer in the kitchen will serve the food during intermission - usually pizza, hot dogs, and nachos - and collect the money for the snacks.  After cleaning the kitchen, you leave earlier than the other volunteers - normally 8 or 8:30pm. Older kids can also help at the snack table.

Rip Seller - This is one of the most important roles!  As a rip seller, you will sell "rip tickets" to the players. This position requires you to be on your feet walking a lot, so great for those of you who got a Fitbit for Christmas.  You will sell the tickets and collect the money.

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